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Have you ever wanted to go backstage?  Watch a recording session? Own a piece of a record label? Get paid royalties just like the artist? Well, now you can!

SongVest Records is the only record label 

that can harness the power of our fan investors to move the needle in ways no other label can, and pay you for participating.

Our power is our fan investors (SongVestors). We provide SongVestors with marketing and other tools to promote our artists across multiple online platforms to build awareness, increase streaming and sales, and even help drive touring revenue.

A record label co-owned by music fans

By investing, you become part of an exclusive club of music fans that allows you to be an insider in the music business.

Imagine the opportunity to help discover talent, collaborate with other SongVestors, and be a part of our label team to help influence the success of our artists!

That's our belief with SongVest Records....that the fans are tastemakers and want to participate with artists in an entirely different way.

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How It Works

Starting at only $50 passionate

music fans can invest in SongVest Records and collaborate with SongVestors from all over the world

Artists create music and SongVestors form an international online “street team,” increasing artist awareness and contributing to our collective success

Artists receive maximum exposure from the SongVestor network, SongVestors get paid royalties on artist success and

WE all win!

Become a SongVestor

Invest and join the coolest record label in the world


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